We are a registered non-profit organization of volunteers.  Our main purpose is to help take care of the canil dogs and cats and find them homes in Portugal, UK, Germany, Holland and Belgium. We walk, groom, neuter and take medical care of the dogs and cats. When possible, they go to foster homes to help prepare them for adoption.

We have auctions, luncheons, and participate in markets to raise money to provide medication and to sterilize the animals. 

Official name: Associacao dos Amigos do Canil de Portimao

NIF: 510 178 057

BPI Lagoa 

IBAN : PT50 0010 0000 4780 9000 0010 8  



Dog of the month

Kai is our dog of the month for May.  He enjoys his walks and loves to have his belly rubbed. Kai is so full of smiles all the time 

Cat of the month


Maus is our Cat of the Month.  He is shy but oh so sweet.  Last month, the  Cat of the Month was adopted.  Lets make this a pattern! 

COVID has restricted our ability to have luncheons and participate in flea markets to raise money to support the animals.  Until restrictions are lifted, please visit our ongoing 'buy now' FB auction page. 
Auction Support Canil de Portimao

ADOPT. if you can't adopt, FOSTER.  if you can't foster, SPONSOR. if you can't sponsor, 

VOLUNTEER. if you can't volunteer, DONATE. if you can't donate, EDUCATE.