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Friends of Canil Portimao is the registered non-profit organization of volunteers.  Our main purpose is to take care of the Canil Portimao dogs and cats and help with adoption.

We welcome volunteers to foster animals, walk the dogs, and socialize puppies.

We highly appreciate donations as they help us to pay medical bills and neuter Canil's dogs and cats.

We are building a new puppy land and need your help to make it happen! 

We have auctions, luncheons, and participate in markets to raise money to provide medication and to sterilize the animals.

Please join us in our effort to help the orphaned animals! 

Official name: Associacao dos Amigos do Canil de Portimao

BPI Lagoa - NIB: 

0010 00004780900000108


IBAN : PT50 0010 00004780900000108

Dog of the month

Our dog of the month is Mascote! This girl is the only dog at the Canil who doesn't need a lead. She follows you around and doesn't run away. She is a sweet small dog, calm, doesn't bark, and good with other dogs and cats! Visit Canil Portimão on the week days from 14:00 till 16:00 to adopt Mascote, your loyal companion for many years to come!

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Cat of the month

Our cat of the month is Mickey! Poor baby Mickey was found on a road with a broken leg. He had a serious operation, and is completely healthy now! He is very energetic, running around and playing non-stop. He is cuddly and fun! Adopt Mickey, he will be a great addition to your family!


Dog walking every Thursday morning!

ADOPT. if you can't adopt, FOSTER.  if you can't foster, SPONSOR. if you can't sponsor, 

VOLUNTEER. if you can't volunteer, DONATE. if you can't donate, EDUCATE.

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