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Friends of Canil Portimao is the registered non-profit organization of volunteers.  Our main purpose is to take care of the Canil Portimao dogs and cats and help with adoption.

We welcome volunteers to foster animals, walk the dogs, and socialize puppies.

We highly appreciate donations as they help us to pay medical bills and neuter Canil's dogs and cats.

We are building a new puppy land and need your help to make it happen! 

We have auctions, luncheons, and participate in markets to raise money to provide medication and to sterilize the animals.

Please join us in our effort to help the orphaned animals! 

Official name: Associacao dos Amigos do Canil de Portimao

BPI Lagoa - NIB: 

0010 00004780900000108


IBAN : PT50 0010 00004780900000108

LAIKA 1_edited_edited.jpg
Dog of the week

Our Dog of the week is Laika!

Laika is one of our sweetheart senior dogs who is desperate to be in a calm and quiet home. She really struggles in the canil environment with all of the noise and is always curled up in the same spot looking depressed. She really has given up hope of being adopted and loved but there must be someone out there for our Laika! She stills dreams of an owner who can help bring out her personality and confidence as she can be nervous around new people and places. 

Visit Canil Portimão Monday-Friday from 14:00 till 16:00 to see Laika, although she won’t get up to say hello. Alternatively, volunteer at our Thursday dog walking starting at 9:00 to walk with Laika and see how special she really is!

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Cat of the week

Our cat of the week are black kittens! We have 6 of them! It's been an old supersticion about black cats that is, of course, an absolute nonsense. In fact, most of the time black cats have  better personality than the cats of other colors. Also, there is an evidence that they are more resistant to some diseases. But most of all, they are just kittens - cute, soft, and make you smile! Visit us to see for yourself these little balls of joy!

Every Thursday at 9:00

ADOPT. if you can't adopt, FOSTER.  if you can't foster, SPONSOR. if you can't sponsor, 

VOLUNTEER. if you can't volunteer, DONATE. if you can't donate, EDUCATE.

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